Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 -Area Seventy Elder Hamilton, Bore Testimony at Zone Conference, Cheesecake!, 25 lessons, "I plan on finishing strong"

Sister Masse,
We are sending a picture that we took yesterday of the Elders with President and Sister Monga and Elder and Sister Hamilton who is in the 1st Quorum of the 70 and in the Central African Area Presidency.  We love Elder Masse and know that you are anxiously awaiting his return home.  He was able to give his testimony yesterday as the final one in a Zone Meeting.  He has served well and faithfully the wonderful Saints here in Pointe Noire,


Elder and Soeur Bailey


Dearest Mother,
It's been an awesome week. I worked hard, I taught a ton of people, I met a member of the 70, we had an awesome zone conference together, I saw my mission president and his wife, I had my final zone conference of my mission, we ate great food, and everything is just awesome.

It was an excellent week and it was extremely exciting to have so much stuff to do and so many people to teach that I don't have time to teach them. I have to get more people at sacrament meeting!

Zone conference was awesome. We spent a lot of time talking and chatting with Elder Hamilton and having an open discussion with him. It was so cool. We talked about how we could help further the work here and the things that we could do to help our investigators, recent converts, and members come to church on Sunday. He was super nice and really fun to talk to. After Zone conference ended we ate taco salad and had cheesecake that Sister Bailey made. I about died because of how good it was. Cheesecake is amazing. Anyways yesterday was awesome and we all really enjoyed laughing and learning with Elder Hamilton as well as President Monga and his wife. And Sister Hamilton, of course; she taught too. 

I love Sister Bailey. She is such a nice woman! And she is just like my mom too. =).

This week was great for teaching. We slammed out 25 lessons and it was awesome. I was super stoked. Anyways,  I am coming home in a month. I am just getting to that point where I will just tell you everything that happened soon anyways. Ha ha.

Needless to say, it was a great week, all went well, and I plan on finishing strong. And that is what I will do.
I love you. Talk to you soon.

Until next time,

Love Elder Massé

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