Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 - " I have loved my mission! The best two years. And seemingly the only two years that I have really lived."

Hey Dad,

I love you. I look forward to hanging out with you soon and listening to music and talking for several hours. It's hard for my brain to realize that I have literally not listened to DCFC in two years. But it was a great trade off and I wouldn't want it any other way. I have loved my mission! The best two years. And seemingly the only two years that I have really lived.

See you soon!
Elder Masse

Dearest Mother,

This week is my last full week and it really blows my mind. It's
probably a good thing that I have SO MUCH stuff to do this week. It's
going to be absolutely nuts so we will see how it goes.

Today is P-day and it's going to be a busy day. We played
basketball, we are at cyber now, I am going to the art marche after we
are finished, and then we will probably head home for the night to
clean, get ready for the week, and rest a little bit because I am
absolutely whipped.

Tuesday is a normal day, probably, where we will work all day as usual.

Wednesday,  President comes to give us interviews and to do my exit
interview because I can't go to Brazzaville anymore.

Thursday,  I am going on splits with Elder Garland and preparing our
baptismal candidate for the 27th.

Friday,  splits with Elder Tripp.

Saturday, we have a baptism for one of our candidates as well as 12
other people. 12. Yes you read that correctly.

Sunday, we don't have church because Pointe Noire is completely shut
down for elections which means there is also no church. And up to this
point the news on the street is that President Monga has asked us to
stay in the apartment for the entire day. 

And then Monday again. And then I am home. Crazy.

Sunday, I testified and gave a short talk for 15 minutes... But I
don't remember a single thing I said. Weird how that works. Anyways,
that was Sunday  and I took a million photos with a lot of people and a
lot of women came up to me and said they wanted to cry. 
 It was kind of weird. But I am glad that people are so
concerned about me going home. 

Anyways, my mind is going nuts. I am trying to focus but I am having a
rough time doing that so I will talk to you soon. Love you mother. I
will see you very soon.

Love Elder Massé

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