Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 -" Elder Naughton and I bought Elder Tripp a tie this week, a zipper tie, for only one dollar! I love this country"

COMP: Elder Jake Naughton
Area: Yaounde, Cameroon

Dearest Mother,

It's been a great and hard working week. Here we go!
1. What was the best part of your week?
I would say the best part of my week was just hitting the sector and working hard. We had a baptism on Saturday, a lady who has been waiting for three years to get baptized got married this week so her baptism will be next Saturday and I am working hard. It's been awesome
2. What adventures did you have?
We didn't have a whole lot of adventures this week, but we should be moving a huge pile of dirt tomorrow so that will be fun. President Cook was here and I ate a buffet breakfast, at a five star hotel, the Djauga Palace.  I had real wheat bread and bacon!!! 

3. Do you need anything?
I think I am good. I will let you know if I need anything but I honestly can't think of anything at all. By the way, just a word of caution for a missionary mom in the future. One stick of deodorant used once a day lasted me from January 19th to April 5th. So... In other words, a long time. Send all of your future missionaries with 13 sticks. That is a good number. At least for the crazy foreign places. 
4. Tell me something in your apartment this week that made you laugh out loud
. I am going to miss the cheap food and amazing fruit that exists here. Ahhh. Ils vont me manquer beaucoup. 
5. What’s new in your area?
Well, as I said, Marie S., a lady that I taught when I was here 16 months ago just got married and now she is going to get baptized! I am stoked! She has been waiting for this moment for three years! Can you believe it!?
6. How are things in your area?
Tons of new contacts and people. Elder Naughton and I have really recycled the sector.  We are preparing the next missionaries for the harvest. It's been a lot of fun and we are teaching several new faces every week. 
7.  What have you been thinking about lately?
 I just have this joy and sense of purpose that I have never found before and I know that Heavenly Father has it all worked out for me right now. He has a great plan for me and I am glad he did it this way. I appreciate it so much more now. He is very wise. 

8. Have you used your Gerber knife lately?
I use it constantly. I used it to cut some rope, make a Bible case, cut some boxes up, etc. I use it all the time. 
9. Have you met any new people lately?
Tons of new people. 
10. Tell me about your ward mission leader
Our WML is a really nice guy and I love his family. I was there to see his daughter get baptized, as well as his grand-daughter, his other daughter, and his wife. He is awesome and he is really engaged in the work with us. It's nice to have someone like that. 
 I am incredibly happy. Things are going my way and I am loving it. I haven't received any packages or anything like that because of the lack of a missionary couple here, but we should get mail in a couple weeks so no big deal. 

I love you Mother. Have a great week! 

Until next time,

Love Elder

*thanks to the Colemans for the pictures!

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