Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

APRIL 28, 2014- Packages, Gen Conf, Sunset, DL, Myan, Madame, Birthday Package, "Ah life is awesome! I love my mission! "

Comp: Elder Naughton
Area:  Yaounde, Cameroon 

Dearest Mother,

The week has gone by really quickly and I keep asking myself if this is how it's going to be for the rest of my mission. Ah life is awesome! I love my mission!
Here we go!

Monday I emailed you guys and told you about everything that happened last week. I also got to open the numerous packages and letters that I received. I haven't seen that many in a very long time, but it was so awesome! I received my birthday package from you and I am so grateful for the locks, the awesome card, all the taco bell sauce, the pictures of Natalie, and so on...
I also got a sweet package from Madame for my birthday. She is so awesome. She sent me some candy and really cool card in French, and she sent my four small novels in French! I started them Tuesday, and by Friday, all of them were finished. Ha ha. I read all of them! What a great birthday!
Tuesday was pretty normal. We met and began teaching a super cool investigator named Esther who came to church twice already and we have only taught her once! Elder Zeregui cooked a dish from Cote d'Ivoire made from vegetables, aubergines, smoked fish, and rice.
Wednesday we had District Meeting as usual and we met another really cool investigator that was contacted in the marche on Monday. We also bought $80 dollars worth of cereal and that was dinner. Ha ha! Awesome right? We ate so much cereal!
Thursday I went on splits with Elder Zeregui and we went out to a quartier called Mvan.  It was also Tate's birthday which was really really cool. Elder Tripp and I made mashed potatoes and a biscuits and gravy sauce for dinner.
Friday was a fairly normal day. Nothing to out of the ordinary happened. Elder Naughton and I made tomato soup for dinner and we then pulled all of our white lawn chairs out on the balcony to watch a sweet lightning storm that was happening behind our apartment. I love Yaounde.
Saturday we watched General Conference!
And that is what we did on Sunday! I am stoked for the Liahona to come out. I am really excited to read it. 

And that was my week!
1.       What was your favorite thing that happened this week?
Probably General Conference weekend and speaking French this entire week in the apartment and with my companion. I am going to continue to speak French which will be really fun.

2.       What made you laugh out loud?
 Too many stories to count. Elder Naughton and I stare at each other at random and once we look at each other we just bust up laughing. I love our companionship.
3.  How are things with the Mooney’s?
They are great! I haven't seen them since Monday.

4.       How did you like your packages?Oh my goodness. I loved them. I can't fully express just how happy I was. I also got my two journals as well! I see what you did there... It's almost like I received two of those journals before...! Those should last me until the end of my mission.
 5.       What’s something you love about Yaounde?
 What is there not to love about Yaoundé? I will send you a picture of the sunset I saw the other night.

6.       What did you buy this week?  Eat?
Tons and tons of cereal!

7.       Tell me something about your apartment
  It's... Clean...

8.       What is something you do at night after you have to go back to the apartment?
Write in my journal, eat, study, watch the frequent storms off the balcony, etc.

9. Are you feeling okay? (Dad wants to know)
Don't worry! I am great!

10. What are some of the things you do as a DL?
The same old stuff. Not much has changed recently.
11.Tell me anything 

Ha ha. See what I did there?
And that was my week! I love you Mom! 

I love you. 

Until next time,

Love Elder Massé

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