Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

MARCH 3, 2014 - TRANSFERS! I'm going to Yaounde! "we can’t see every angle, but He does and that is all that matters. Close your eyes and just do your best. Heavenly Father knows what is happening and it will work out the way He wants it to. Just go with the flow and let it happen. You have to lose your life to find it. " , Elder Davis, bucket list

Comp: Elder Brockbank
Area: Douala, Cameroon

March 3, 2014

Dearest Mother,
Well here we go. I will start with the questions. Email is messed up and the internet is intermittent. 
 1.       TRANSFERS!!!!!  Where is everyone going?  DON’T LEAVE OUT ANYTHING!!

I am……. staying in Cameroon.  I am going back to Yaounde!
My comp will be Elder Naughton who is a super cool guy.  I got called as the DL.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m going to be in the same sector that I started my mission in?  Ekounou.  And guess what mom …. I’ll be in the same apartment with Elder Lavering!  I know you’ll be happy about that :)  I thought for sure that wouldn’t happen because he goes home in two transfers, and I thought I might be going to the Congo.

Elder Brockbank is going to have Elder Buetler as a companion, Elder Davis is going home, Elder Ngala is training a Nigerian straight from the MTC.  My head is spinning.  It will be amazing to go back to Yaounde!  I miss it.  It’s awesome. 

Elder Ngalamulumé with Elder Okon 
Elder Brockbank with Elder Beutler
Elder Colindres and Elder Roth
Elder Johnson and Elder Kampoy
Elder Massé and Elder Naughton
Elder Lavering and  Elder Zeregui,
Elder Tripp and a Malagash Elder
The Whitesides have gone home and no senior couple are in Douala right now. And that is all I know. Transfers are crazy.
2.       Who did you teach this week?  How did that go?
 We have been teaching Sister J. pretty regularly and she is doing good. She will be getting baptized this Saturday but I won't be there because I am leaving! It's sad, but it will be fine. She is doing well. 
3.       How is Elder Davis?
 Elder Davis is doing really good. I will really miss him. He has been an awesome friend and a great Elder. It will be weird to see him go, but it's funnier because it is me leaving him.

4.       What was the funnest thing you did today?
We haven't done a whole lot today, but it will be interesting to see how that goes today when I go into town.  I will be packing today probably. I have a lot of work to do. 
5.   Tell me something in French
Si j'allais dire quelque chose, je vais te dire que je t'aime vraiment plus que tu m'aimes. En tout cas, tout va bien ici en Afrique et bientot je serai muté aEkounou. Je suis tellement reconnaissant pour cette occasion que j'aurai bientot d'etre ensemble encore avec mes amis et mes convertis. 
6.    What are you looking forward too?
I am really looking forward to the time that I will be able to spend with the Elders up in Yaoundé and to see everyone that I knew again. It's a rather strange thing to be honest. 
7.   What are three things on your bucket list in Africa?
Cut off a branch of plantains or bananas off a tree and carry it home. 
Pick up a bottle full of red dirt and take it home. 
Work with an African... If it is possible so that I can learn a great deal about myself. 
8.   Who will you say good-bye too (if you get transferred) ?
 I will be saying goodbye to a lot of people. It will be interesting to see how that goes to be honest. I just can't believe I am leaving. It almost didn't seem possible. 

9.   What did you eat/cook this week?
 Well we are going to eat a bunch of fish and plantains on tomorrow night because I am leaving along with Elder Davis so we will have fun bouffing orbouffer. Ha ha. That's a fun French verb to use. 
10. What advice would you give to a missionary facing disappointment?
That we can’t see every angle, but He does and that is all that matters.  Close your eyes and just do your best.  Heavenly Father knows what is happening and it will work out the way He wants it to.  Just go with the flow and let it happen.   You have to lose your life to find it.  It will work out.  It was meant to be like this.  Just let it happen., 

11.   Have you been eating fresh cut sugar cane lately?
No I haven't eaten any sugar cane recently. Sorry. =(. I wish that I had though. 

That’s it for now. 

Love you mom.  Hope everything is okay.

Until next time,

Elder Masse

note:  Elder Masse was supposed to be companion with Elder Ryan Lavering in the Congo during the first transfer when the new mission President arrived.  Elder Masse had visa issues with getting to Congo, and so that never happened.  Now he will be in the same apartment with Elder Lavering in Yaounde which is pretty remarkable since Elder Lavering only has 2 transfers left.  

baptisms on Saturday in Douala

Elder Naughton

thanks to the Colemans and Whitesides for pics!

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