Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014


Comp: Elder Jake Naughton
Area: Yaounde, Cameroon, Ekounou
Apt: Elder Lavering, Elder Zeregui, Elder Tripp ,Elder Rakotondrabeharison

Dearest Mother,
It's been a crazy week. So many people want to see me and want me to go see them and I have so much to talk about, or so it seems, but so little time! This was so crazy! I still can't believe that I am back in Yaoundé. As President Cook said, and as I said previously, things are changing in this mission and it's going to be nuts. 
So the BIGGEST news that I have is the following. I don't know to what extent it has been announced, but it is confirmed and it will be happening. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa mission is getting split in July and we will form the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville mission. From what it appears, DRC will be confined too Kinshasa and the Brazzaville mission will cover everything else. Gabon, Cameroun, Central African Republic, ROC, etc. So things are really going to change. It's going to be absolutely nuts and things are going to change drastically. 
So yes. That was the biggest news that I had this week. It's nuts! 
Well here we go. I will answer some questions! 
1.       Is your mission being split???  Are you getting a new mission president???  The Coleman’s had something about it on their website.
Yes missions is getting split in July. We will also be getting a new mission president, so my third one on my mission. Ha ha. 
 2.       Tell me everything about your birthday!!!  Did anything happen?  Did you buy anything?
My birthday was awesome, but on the flip side it was rather normal. No one really knew it was my birthday because I was just transferred.  The Elders made me a chocolate cake, and they bought some Fanta for the party! And while Elder Naughton and I were teaching he called over a tie guy, (A guy walking around with a million ties) and says to me, "Pick a tie Elder Massé". I was really confused and had forgotten it was my birthday, but I finally realized and I picked out a sweet orange tie that I wore on Sunday. Awesome! 
3.       How is your comp?
My companion is awesome! He is an amazing gymnast from what I hear and he also told me that one of his friends is serving in the Salem Mission. His name is Elder Glenn so if you could find him, tell him that your son is serving in Africa with one of his best friends. Ha ha. (mom’s note: yes we know Elder Glenn and he is serving here at home in our mission! Very Cool!)
4.       What made you laugh out loud?
. Well Elder Lavering made me laugh about a million times along with everyone else in the apartment. It's so hard to pinpoint one thing. I laugh a million times a day and it's awesome. 

5.       What are some things you love about Yaounde?
. Oh I can't even begin to count on one hand. All I will say is that I am incredibly grateful to be back in Yaoundé. It's a wonderful and sacred opportunity. I love Yaoundé. The work is progressing, the branches are growing, and things are hastening. 
6.    Where did you go this week?
We mostly stayed in Kondengui and Carrefour Etc, but we did go out to Nvam and marche Ekounou too. 
7.       How is it being the DL?
 Being District Leader is fun. I have a lot of responsibility but it will be good for me to learn so I will jump right in with both feet. 
8.    What did you cook this week?
We cooked a lot of stuff. Spaghetti, chili, tomato soup, tacos, avocado sandwiches, beans and beignets, etc. 
9. How are things in your area?
Things in the area are looking good. Elder Naughton and I are going to flip the sector upside down so it will be fun. 
10. What’s so great about being a missionary in Yaounde?
Yaoundé is where all the action is happening. Things are progressing faster here than anywhere else in the mission. It's amazing. 
11.   What was a something that happened this week that you never want to forget?
 Elder Naughton buying me a tie! 
Until next time,

Love Elder Massé 
Dear Dad,
It's been a fun week and I have had a lot of fun with my new companion and being back in my old sector. 
This mission is changing. We are going to get more missionaries on this side of the mission, we are going to get a  new Mission President in July, we are going to work harder than we have ever worked before, and the growth is going to explode here.
Our mission will be split in July and we will be getting a new mission president. If the mission is getting split in July that will mean that Elder Lavering and Elder Baker will be home making me the oldest American missionary on this side of the mission. Interesting.
 “As we become strictly obedient we can expect miracles.” – President Cook

 Everyone wants to see me and wants me to come to their house and say hello.
Yaoundé is so beautiful and the weather is amazing. Next to no humidity compared to Douala which is amazing.  In Douala, after about an hour or two, my handkerchief would be completely wet. Here, not so much. I haven't actually used it that much since I have been back. It's been nice. The sun is out, I am back climbing the hills, and I am not sweating! Awesome.
President Bala, the District President, came over to the apartment this week and gave me my resident card! I am legal until 2023 so if I ever want to come back I can with no problems.

I will talk to you next week.
Until next time,
Love Elder Massé


Elder Whitesides in front of Ekounou Church (from several months ago)


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