Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, September 9, 2013

SEPT 9TH, 2013 - fist bump, advice to Natalie, no more white shirts, beignet joke, Jamma, Elder Carl B Cook,

Date: September 09, 2013 

Area: Douala, Cameroon in Bonaberi 1 Sector - AFRICA 
Companion: Elder Casey Garland (Washington)

Sept 9, 2013
Dearest Mother,
It's been an interesting week.  Here are some answers to your questions:
1.Did you get the journal I sent?   I did indeed get it this week. Thank you so much for sending it! It will be awesome to write in that as soon as I am done with my current journal. Thank you for all the pictures you sent as well. Those were wonderful.  (I sent him a hardback journal and it cost $26!!!!)
2. What adventures did you have?   Not many. It has been raining a lot and we had to cross a flooding road to get to church. We walked all the way to church in the pouring rain through the mud and a flood. I was soaking wet, but I walked and made it. 
3.Advice to Natalie in the Philippines?   Be loving and charitable. Smile and be happy. Serve your companion and do your best everyday. 
4.What was something really fun?  I had a pretty fun time crossing that flood. Ha ha. 
5. Are your shirts still white?  Not really. Lol. I pulled out a new shirt a couple weeks ago and the difference is astounding. 
6. What make you laugh?  Anytime I am having a conversation with Elder Thibault. 
9. Tell me something about your apartment. We recently got new cabinets and they belong in the seventies. It's a freaky kitchen now. 
10. Tell me a joke.  Lol
 Two beignets were cooking in some oil when one of the beignets said to the other, "It's a little hot in hear isn't it?"
The other looks at him and says, "Oh my goodness! A talking beignet!"
11. Tell me something the Africans love.   They love oil. Oil goes into everything. It's crazy. 
12. What was the best part of your week? Probably Zone conference and getting a fist bump from a Seventy! 
13. What’s the weather like? Dark and dreary. And very wet. 
14. Food?  Jamma Jamma actually. A dish from Bamenda with vegetables and smoked fish. It was delicious and we ate it with corn fou-fou. 
15.Good news?   Indeed! Sister Ortance was baptized and confirmed this weekend. She is the most golden person I have ever met in my entire life. She's amazing. 
16. Scenery? They are in the process of building a new bridge to get to Bonaberi. It will be finished in 2015. 
So that was my week! It went fairly well. When we had zone conference with Elder Carl B. Cook, one of the area seventies here, I answered one of his questions right and he jumped up and gave me a fist-bump. It was one of the highlights of the week and probably this month. It was hilarious. Elder Cook is amazing. He knows the doctrines of the church and Preach My Gospel backwards and forwards. It was awesome to spend some time with him and learn from him. He is really cool and I am glad I got to meet him. 
Love you Mom! 
Until next time, 
Love Elder Masse`

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