Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 -Baptism, Helping Member with yard, banane malaxé, fish,

Baptism, Helping Member with yard, banane malaxé, fish,
Comp:Elder Casey Garland
Area:  Douala, Cameroon
Sept 23, 2013
Dearest Mother,
It's been a fun week and Elder Garland and I had a lot of fun. I am learning and growing everyday and just trying to figure out life. It's a weird thing trying to figure out life. I have so much to learn. Anyways, here it goes! 
1. .       What was the best thing that happened this week?
Elder Garland and I had a baptism on Saturday which was pretty cool. It was for a little girl who just turned eight in her family. I taught her for a short time when I worked with Elder Thibault so that was cool so see her get baptized. 
Despite being out and about in the sector this week, Elder Garland and I didn't do that much teaching. A lot of appointments fell through and we did a ton of service for people this week so we didn't have a whole lot of time to teach, but it was great. We spent all day Saturday helping a less-active member clean and take care of his lawn. We used the typical African tools to get the job done - shovels, rakes, machetes, hoes, etc. I spent about two and half hours chopping down weeds in tree wells with a machete. It was a great workout for the arms, so it was fun. I am so sore though. Ha ha. 
I finally got fed banane malaxé! It is a favorite dish of every missionary I have ever met and this week I finally had the opportunity to try it. It was delicious and oh so good. It's really weird. I find myself craving African food from time to time which kind of scares me. What is going to happen to me when I return home? How am I going to survive without Africa! Maybe I can order some Ndolé through the internet so I can make you guys some traditional african dishes. That would blow my mind. For reals. 

2.  Have the Gaileys taken you to the beach yet?
Not yet, but we should be going to Limbé this transfer. 

3.       What do you think of all of Natalie’s experiences?
She seems happy and content. I am so glad she gets to experience many of the same things that I have experienced during the time that I have served. I am so glad to see how happy she is. It's a truly wonderful thing. 
 4.       Food?
Banane Malaxé, roasted peanuts and corn, riz sauté, sugar cane cut down by Fidelis, and we also bougth some fish in the marché this week that Elder Garland and I cut, scaled, and gutted, for Elder Nyom. We wanted to make him a nice dinner considering he was leaving back to his house. It was awesome. I also made tortillas and taco saaauuuuccceee last night for all the Elders. It was delicious. 
5.       Sights?
I saw the Whitesides today actually! They are awesome! I have missed them so much and they even brought me my umbrella! Gosh they are so awesome! 
6. Adventures?
Gutted fish, taco saaaaaauuuuuucceee, rain, beaches, sand, chlorine, pool, all the Elders, and plenty of pax.
7.       Tell me more about transfers… who went where?  Who is in your apt and in the other apt in Douala?

Not much to tell. I told you everything. Lundberg went to Congo, but is actually still here due to visa problems. It's Colindres, Morin, Stephens, Buetler, Wright, Christensen, and Lundberg in the Bonapriso apartment. Here in Bonaberi it's Garland, Massé, Thibault, and Davis. 
8. Fun?
 I gutted tons of fish! And taught Elder Garland how to do it! He's never done it. 
So yeah. It was a crazy week. Love you Mom. Catch you on the flipside! 
A la prochaine fois,
avec amour,
Elder Massé

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