Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Pointe Noire, Elder Tweneboah, Lasagna, Hot Chocolate, Ramadan, Haircut,

Elder Naughton

*These pics are from the Bailey's blog- the amazing senior couple in Pointe Noire!

Comp: Elder Tweneboah (from Ghana)
Area: Pointe Noire, Congo

Dearest Mother,

The week has gone awesome as it usually does and things are looking bright. Including the sun. I don't have a whole lot of time left today because of not being able to go to the cyber we wanted to go to this morning we closed because Ramadan is today or something and the owner of the cyber that we go to is, go figure... Muslim so he wasn't there. 

But! On the flipside I did get to see about five thousand Muslims praying which was really cool, and I was going to take a picture but I had no desire to die or get stabbed. Anyways, that was my morning. 

I unfortunately do not have a whole lot of time but I will tell you what I can. As I always do. =). 

The week was awesome, I love Elder Tweneboah, and things are just so easy with him. We had companionship inventory last week and he said that he has to tell the mission president that he never sees me eat lunch or breakfast which he laughs about everyday. But I do. Ha ha. For whatever reason he just never sees so he made a joke out of it and that was the biggest "problem". I love him. 

It's been super fun training him to. In any case, I love training. 

His French is doing okay and little by little we are working on it. I have made a goal to speak only in French with him out in the sector and I try to do it in the apartment. 

Oh my goodness. The lasagna dinner this week was amazing!!  Do you know that every single one of us gained two kilos, at least, at that dinner? It's hard to resist a huge pile of cheesy lasagna when it's right in from of you. And garlic bread up the wazoo. 

I also got my haircut. A three all over.  

It should be a lot easier next week with information and with a good, solid email. We have go teach in about 30 minutes to D. and then Elder Tripp and I are making hot chocolate so I will talk to you next week.

You know I love ya =)

Love Elder Massé

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