Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Elder Masse Baptism Sept 2014

Monday, August 5, 2013

AUG 5, 2013 - Transfers, Jokes, Bonaberi, African joke, Love the rain, what it means to be a Masse missionary

Transfers, Jokes, Bonaberi, African joke, Love 

the rain, what it means to be a Masse 



Date: August 05, 2013 
Area: Douala, Cameroon in Bonaberi 1 Sector - AFRICA 
Companion: Elder Philippe Thibault

Current Comp: Elder
Philippe Thibault in Douala, Cameroon;  Bonaberi Sector 1

 August 5, 2013

“Dearest Mother,

 The week has been a
really strange week and just a strange time for me in general. This transfer is
over and it felt like it just started. I have really appreciated the
opportunity that I have had to work with Elder Thibault. He is a wonderful missionary
and sadly tomorrow will be the last day that we are companions. 

Yes it is true! I am
getting a new companion! Here is what is going down.  (I’m still in
Africa, still in Cameroon, still in Douala (by the ocean), and still in his
same part of the city and the same apartment… just working on the other part of
the sector with my new comp)

New Companion: Elder Casey
Garland (Canadian)

Serving in Douala, Cameroon
in Bonaberi Sector 2


 I am staying in
Bonaberi, but I am switching sectors. Elder Andriamamonjy is going home this
Thursday and Elder Colindres is going to the other side of the city to work
with Elder Stephens in Bonapriso. Elder Thibault is staying in Bonaberi with me
and a branch missionary is coming to work with Elder Thibault for this
transfer. Elder Garland is my new companion! He is coming over from Bonapriso
to work with me so that should be really exciting. I will be working with him
in Bonaberi 2, and it's still one branch so I will see everyone every week on
Sunday. By everyone I mean all the investigators and people I have come to
love. So that is transfers! The rest is pretty cut and dry. We received five
new Elders and the entire mission is training minus three companionships.
Pretty nuts. That is transfers though! I don't have much else to say about that
so I will move on. 

2. Your new

 Elder Garland is an
amazing missionary and it will be exciting working with him. 

3. How are you

I am feeling just great!
It's a strange time, and the fact that ten months was a couple days ago hit me
pretty hard. It's just hard to believe where I am and how far I have

4.  What is
something  AMAZING that happened this week? 

 My sister became a
Missionary! That is pretty amazing! Everything else that happened with me
pretty much pales in comparison the glory of my sister becoming a

5. Tell me an
African joke- or something you do that makes others smile…

One of my favorite jokes
though is the following. 

What is green and has


Grass. I lied about the
wheels. Ha ha. 

6. What are you
doing today?

We woke up and cleaned the
apartment. I cleaned the kitchen and it looks pretty good now. We just finished
at the marche and now I am emailing you. After this we will head over to an
investigators house for a mangez-vous and a goodbye party for Elder

Following that we will
probably be heading home to make yogurt, cook dinner if we aren't full, and
just hang out at the apartment before bed. That looks like our day. We might
make cookies too if we have time. 

7. What was your
favorite food this week?

I made a weird white sauce
with tomatoes and potatoes over rice that we used as filling for tortillas we
made. That as actually pretty good. I was surprised. I have become quite the
chef in the kitchen thanks to lots of experimenting and my trainer Elder

8. What are some
sites that are near your apartment?  Or things you walk by everyday?

The biggest noticeable
thing is probably the bridge, but we are pretty far from that even. There
aren't a lot of landmarks per se that I can give you. There is the boulangerie
called the Luafor we go to.  

9. Tell me
something about Africa.

The weather right now
actually reminds me a lot of Oregon. It's exactly the same. It's been cloudy for
weeks, rainy, (which I love), and cold! The only real difference right now is
the humidity and heat that comes and goes. 

10. Tell me
something about what it means to be a Masse` missionary. 

You are determined and
don't ever quit.  Being a Massé is a complicated thing to explain. I am
not even sure I can really explain. 

11. Tell me
something you want me to tell everyone at home?

What smells like red paint
and looks like blue paint? 

Blue paint. Lol. 

Hope you are doing well and
that you had a great time in Utah. Heavenly Father is watching you at all

Until next week, 

Love Elder Massé

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